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Client Acquisition Director

Drawing inspiration from my roles as both a dedicated mother and an avid ocean enthusiast, I bring a unique perspective to every project I undertake.

I'm thrilled to be serving as the Director of Acquisitions at Leap Year Digital. Over the past 17 years, I've been on an exciting journey mastering client service, acquisitions, and marketing strategies. My passion lies in simplifying modern marketing approaches, making them more accessible and achievable for businesses. With the heart of a devoted mother and the soul of an ocean enthusiast, I bring a unique blend of experience, dedication, and boundless enthusiasm to every project I undertake. I'm here to drive your success and make your marketing goals a reality!"

Victoria Hauser

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At the heart of who we are lies a profound appreciation for every connection we make—whether you're a long-standing client or simply considering the prospect of collaboration. Our dedication to fostering and nurturing these relationships stands as the cornerstone of our collective journey towards success. Your trust serves as the catalyst, igniting our unwavering passion to breathe life into your aspirations and turn them into tangible realities that surpass expectations.